About Alvidesign

alvidesign was founded in 2007 by Åsa Kärner, when the alvihanger for clothes, bags and towels, as the first product was launched in Sweden.

“My ambition is to design furniture and products, using environmentally friendly materials with long durability, a focus on sustainable production methods and humane working conditions. These are the criteria I use as a platform for my design and production.

I studied at Nyckelviksskolan in Stockholm 2006-2007 and I am now doing my Bachelors´ Degree at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Design in Copenhagen with furniture design and interior architecture as my main subjects. During my education I put a lot of effort in broadening my knowledge in ecological and sustainable design and production.

In my design my aim is to in a playful way combine and push the limits between modern, functional design, art and handicraft from different cultures.”

Åsa Alvi Karolina Kärner